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Search It’s Our Air activities and videos by the North Carolina Essential Standards for Earth/Environmental Science listed in numeric order below.

CE.PFL.1 Analyze the concepts and factors that enable individuals to make informed financial decisions for effective resource planning.

EEn.2.3.1 Explain how water is an energy agent (currents and heat transfer)

EEn.2.5.1. Summarize the structure and composition of our atmosphere.

EEn.2.5.2 Explain the formation of typical air masses and the weather systems that result from air mass interactions.

EEn.2.5.4 Predict the weather using available weather maps and data (including surface, upper atmospheric winds, and satellite imagery)

EEn.2.5.5 Explain how human activities affect air quality

1-1 Activity - What Is Air?

1-1 Video - What Is Air?

1-2 Activity - Combustion Equations

1-2 Video - Combustion Equations

1-4 Activity - A Closer Look at Ozone

1-4 Video - Criteria Pollutants

1-5 Activity - Local Sources of Air Pollution

1-5 Video - Air Pollution in NC

1-6 Activity - Making and Using Ozone Indicators

1-7 Activity - Making and Sampling Particulate Matter

2-1 Activity - What’s an Air Quality Index?

2-2 Activity - Making a Simple Predictive Model for Ground-Level Ozone

2-3 Activity - Forecasting Air Quality

2-3 Video - Forecasting Air Quality

3-1 Activity - Scientific Literacy and Air Quality

3-1 Video - Scientific Research and Air Quality

3-2 Activity - Personal Choices at Home to Prevent Air Pollution

3-2 Video - Introduction to Solutions and Home Energy Choices

3-3 Activity - Calculating Vehicle emissions

3-3 Video - Driving Choices

3-4 Activity - Clean Air Act

3-4 Video - NC Clean Smokestacks Act

EEn.2.7.3 Explain how human activities impact the biosphere.

EEn.2.8 Evaluate human behaviors in terms of how likely they are to ensure the ability to live sustainably on Earth.

EEn.2.8.1 Evaluate alternative energy technologies for use in North Carolina.

EEn.2.8.2. Critique conventional and sustainable agriculture and aquaculture practices in terms of their environmental impacts.

HS.SI.1 Evaluate resources needed to solve a given problem.

HS.SI.1.1 Evaluate resources for reliability. (Reliability can be determined by currency, credibility, authority, etc. depending on the curriculum topic.)

HS.SI.1.2 Evaluate resources for point of view, bias, values, or intent of information.


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