Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the target audience for this curriculum?

High School Earth/Environmental science, but also meets the requirements of several other classes such as Biology, AP Environmental, Chemistry, and Health Occupation classes.

Can It’s Our Air help me meet N.C. Professional Teaching Standards?

Yes. Using It’s Our Air in your classroom can help you meet these standards, especially:

  • Standard 3 - Teachers Know the Content They Teach,
  • Standard 4 - Teachers Facilitate Learning for Their Students,
  • Standard 5 - Teachers Reflect on Their Practice.

Does It’s Our Air connect with N.C. standards?

Each activity is specifically connected with the N.C. Standards of the High School Earth/Environmental Science course.

Are there opportunities with this curriculum to work with other content areas or middle grades?

While these activities are aimed at high school students, many are appropriate to be used in a middle school classroom.

Does this curriculum fit into block scheduling (90 minutes) or other class times (45-60 minutes)?

Yes!  Each activity has clear time requirements listed for both a block schedule or a traditional schedule class.

How much cost is involved with materials associated with these activities?

All of the materials listed are usually found in a typical high school lab, but can also be purchased for minimal expense.


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